Client Testimonials and Reviews

"We consider Abacus a partner who has proven to be knowledgeable, reliable, and always meets our expectations. We receive exceptional service and personal attention. We highly recommend their services!"

-Shirley S.

"Trey and the entire Abacus team treat me and my business as their own.  The council and attention to detail have been invaluable.  They have a very strong understanding of my business and the need for quick, concise advice.  Trey and the team are my most valued partner."

-Ken M.

"...My company is licensed and regulated by the state of Colorado, which requires us to go through a total and complete yearly audit by the state of Colorado... As our company has grown throughout the past several years we  have received  licensing by the state of Colorado... Prior to receiving these licenses I asked Abacus if they would be willing to take on the filing and accounting of necessary documents in the states outside of Colorado. After some research by Abacus they informed me that they were willing and capable of filing these documents in these outside states... As the owner of a growing Colorado company my job is to make sure that all aspects of the company run smoothly. With Abacus accounting having now the responsibility of my payroll, state, and federal requirements including yearly taxes, has given me the opportunity to give more of my full attention on helping my company grow even more in areas I normally would not have the time to do so."

-Jeff C.

"My name is David, owner of a small business for 15 years!! I have used Abacus for about 10 years and can tell you I have never had the personal attention that I have received before!! In fact I was hand-held through a VERY difficult divorce in which financials were crucial and even had an emergency call during arbitration which Trey took the call on the spot! You can't get that kind of service, anywhere!! How do I know? I had 2 other accounting companies, one a recommendation from family member which led to 14k in taxes due at end of year! Will I say everything has been mistake free? Of course not. That's how you judge a person and their character on how they handle a problem! Abacus and their staff have always done the right thing! Would I recommend them to someone? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!"

-David H.

"After my husband's passing I was referred to Abacus Accounting Firm. Because my late husband handled all of our taxes and investments I needed to have someone I could trust and walk me through this maze...  I have felt such a relief of this amazing team, Trey, Cindy and Gennie who have been considerably patient and understanding... Over the years I have recommended many business colleagues and friends to Abacus and they too have had the same experience. I'm in deep gratitude for their knowledge, expertise and how they approach my needs as a team."

-Deb S.

“I’ve been with Abacus Accounting Center for over 10 years. As long as I am in business I will not use anyone else to do my taxes or my financials. My taxes are done on time, accurate and the cost is more than fair. I was audited and the IRS didn’t find one thing wrong. AAC is the best partner a small business can have. Cindy Martin, in particular, is a huge asset to AAC and my business. She helps with every tax question, responds quickly and will talk directly to the tax people. She’s the best wingman ever.”

-Mary Ann N.